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Todo el mundo – video

Share Todo el mundo en general by the Spanish organist Francisco Correa de Arauxo, recorded at the renaissance organ at the Castle of Sonderborg, Denmark.             Todo el mundo en general is included on the CD El Arte de Tañer by Via artis Konsort member Poul Udbye Pock-Steen. The CD is released on PARLA son- […]

Multiculture and the popular element

Share A brief historical background for the “Art of Touch” – project The year 1492 marks a cultural turning point for Spain. This is the year where the Italian Cristobal Columbus – financially supported by the Spanish queen Isabel – discovers a totally new continent, almost by chance, and thus opens the gate to a […]

Organ relation

El Arte de Tañer / Kunsten at røre Pavana con su glosa – Spanish, XVI cent., Antonio de Cabezón Recorded as a duo between the Francisco Salinas organ and the Capilla Dorada organ, both Historic Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain Ya no quiero tener fe – Spanish, XVI cent., Juan del Encina Recorded at the Capilla Dorada […]

Pavana con su glosa

Share Album notes for El Arte de Tañer (parla09001) Cabezón’s famous pavanne that probably isn’t a pavanne and maybe not even by Cabezón.   This catchy dance piece with variations originates from a music book published in 1577 by the Spanish organist Luis Venegas de Henestrosa. The piece is attributed to “Antonio”, and this, sort […]

Reflexions from the cathedral

Salinas, de Encina and me The dull sound from the belfry scarcely reaches the interior of the Cathedral. The strokes sound rather unreal. I notice that this time just one stroke was heard, consequently there’s just half an hour left before the guardian will return and let me out into the noisy real world of […]

In chorus: Todo el mundo en general

Todo el mundo en general was once a very popular religious song with lyrics by the Andalusian poet Miguel Cid. The popularity it gained in its time was tremendous, in fact today we wouldn’t hesitate to classify it as a “hit”. But like many other popular songs throughout history, Todo el mundo had its palmy […]