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The elevator speech

This is only a short summary of the article “From listener to co-producer” describing an alternative model for the financing of small or non-commercial CD productions.Arrange for a cup of coffee and set the music to play while you read the full story “From listener to co-producer”   What is it all about? We have […]

From listener to co-producer

Share Vicissitudes of the music business are slowly causing a change in our listening habits. One of the consequences of the current development is a growing number of independent CD publications, each one representing a more modest sale. This situation enforces new bonds to grow between the publisher (often the very same musicians on the […]

Ensemble Playing (Danish)

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Reflexions from the cathedral

Salinas, de Encina and me The dull sound from the belfry scarcely reaches the interior of the Cathedral. The strokes sound rather unreal. I notice that this time just one stroke was heard, consequently there’s just half an hour left before the guardian will return and let me out into the noisy real world of […]

Via Stellae – concert dates 2010

The concert dates 2010 for the Via Stellae program (a musical journey along the ancient roads of pilgrimage) have now been fixed: 1st period: Monday 25.01.10 to Sunday 07.02.10 2nd period: Monday 02.08.10 to Sunday 15.08.10 3rd period: Monday 18.10.10 to Sunday 31.10.10

Via Stellae på PLAY (Danish)

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A story from real cyber life: The other day I received a message from a Japanese musician via the internet portal and radio Just downloaded Todo el mundo en general from our album Via Stellae, he had put the song on what he called ‘power playing’ on his media player. This social internet portal […]