Anne Marie Høst Mortensen – harp

Anne Marie Høst Mortensen, Danish musician and state certified music teacher from Fynske Musikkonservatorium. Additional studies in Denmark og Ireland with Helen Davies and Máire Ní Chathasaigh.
A long time choirmaster, the past eight years for Fynsk Fuga, AHM has been involved in projects such as ‘Middelalderkoncerter’ in 2000, the opera ‘Orpheus’ by Monteverdi-Orff in 2002 and ‘Sangbogen fra Paladset’ in 2004 with Spanish and french renaissance music.
AHM is a member of the ensemble Legerne, performing at church recitals as well as at the market place with dance, incidents, music and singing.
In addition, AHM is a member of the ensemble Kvartetten and the music group Prisme, offering church concerts rooted in Nordic and Celtic musical traditions. (CD release ‘Tree of life’ September 2008). AHM also accompanies the story teller Kaja Vildersbøl on Celtic harp.
AHM has lectured at several music schools and worked as a music therapist.

Spanish double harp
medieval harp, Celtic harp
Irish harp, citole, vocals