Poul Udbye Pock-Steen – keyboards

Poul Udbye Pock-Steen, Danish organist and pianist. PUP began his musical career in the rhythmical music surroundings of Copenhagen. Following supplementary piano studies and ear training at the conservatoire, PUP moved to Spain to function through the 80’s as musical leader and pianist in the theater group La Totalidad in Salamanca.
After nine years in Spain, PUP returned to Denmark to finish a degree in computer science at Odense Universitet, in parallel with theoretical and practical organ studies at Løgum Kloster School for Church Music.
Since 1995 PUP has worked both as a teacher, musician and producer in Denmark, Spain and Cuba.
Most recent activities: – Concerts with Spanish organ music from the Renaissance. CD with recordings made at the Catheral in Salamanca, Spain to be released in spring 2009 on the label PARLA.
Nomads, electronic music and traditional archaic songs from Lapponia to Sahara.
– Together with dramaturge and singer Ellen Lomholt, PUP formed the duo El Ballhaus in 2002, with a repertoire of scenic music from 1920-30.

Portative organ (organetto), 3 octaves, by Walter Chinaglia, Italy
Historical keyboards
Pipe and tabor, flutes